I went to Vikings “a must visit buffet”

Last Saturday was my last visit to Vikings. We went there to celebrate our grandmothers belated birthday. It was around 6:00 and my family and I was late for the feast and as soon as we parked I was dashing mad at the buffet because we were suppose to be there around 5:35 were all of my cousins was there. The buffet was packed with diners from couples to families to relatives and people who came to enjoy. Our table was in one of the rooms filled with lots of tables and chairs that was reserved for us.

As soon as we got to the table we greeted our grandmother a happy birthday and say hi to our relatives and cousins. I started going to the food but my mom told me to eat slowly but I didn’t care cause I was thinking of what to get from the heavenly buffet. I ate from nachos to caviar to angus beef and more for me to enjoy. It was around 8 and boy I was stuffed, so I took a walk to the shore line cause the buffet is near there and it was a beautiful night while the moon shined and I was relaxed and decided to go back inside. I forgot to get dessert and I took to scoops of ice cream, one is avocado and one is vanilla with chocolate and marshmallows. We were done eating and said our goodbyes to each other and went home. And you never know when to come there for a surprise.


One thought on “I went to Vikings “a must visit buffet”

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